The St. John’s Writing Center is pleased to announce our new journal, The Writting* Circle–an online multimodal journal by and for student consultants.


Writing center professionals attend to the needs of clients. Our conversations revolve around their writing: we analyze the art of conducting sessions and design workshops we hope clients might value. A client-centered ethos is our core.

Yet writing centers serve another important but often invisible “client”—the student consultant herself. What do our consultants write and make on their own time? And how might we foster a culture of composing by and for student consultants?

The Writting* Circle is a new journal by and for writing center consultants, to be housed on a separate dedicated website. If you’re a peer consultant, send us your creative work: literary nonfiction, flash fiction, poetry, lyric essays, short stories. We’re equally interested in your photography, video, and all kinds of artwork. Deadline for our inaugural issue: January 31st, 2018. See below for complete submission information.

Submission Guidelines

We do not publish articles about Writing Center theory or praxis (there are already venues for that). The Writting Circle is a place where student consultants can submit fiction, poetry, nonfiction, research essays, and multimedia work.

  • You must be a student consultant working in a college Writing Center.
  • For short fiction (short story, flash fiction, etc.), submit no more than three pieces.
  • For poetry, submit no more than three pieces.
  • For longer fiction (e.g. excerpts from novels-in progress), submit no more than one piece as a self-contained, fully realized work of fiction.
  • For nonfiction (creative nonfiction, memoir, biography, lyric essay), submit no more than one piece. (If a photo essay, be sure photos conform to the specs below.)
  • Photos of artwork should be submitted as high-resolution JPGs, CMYK format, minimum 300 dpi, “maximum” quality setting, and prepped/cropped to the desired area. Please submit no more than 3 pieces of artwork.
  • For short video, submit a link to your piece on Vimeo or YouTube.
  • Send your submission to wcadmin@stjohns.edu with the subj heading <SUBMISSION “Your Name” “Poetry/Fiction/Nonfiction/Art” [pick one]>. Inside the body of the email include a short bio (max 300 words). Be sure to indicate the name, address, and link for the Writing Center in which you work.
  • Submissions for the Spring 2018 issue are due January 31st, 2018. Submissions will then be closed until Fall 2018 for the 2nd issue. The Writting Circle will be published on its own dedicated website.
  • Please send no more than two types of submission (e.g. three poems, two photos).

We strongly encourage all who submit to have a session with a fellow consultant before sending your work!

* Why “Writting”? 1) It’s an old timey way of spelling “writing.” 2) It calls to mind the Oulipo group, that interdisciplinary knitting circle of experimental writers. 3) Some will assume it’s a typo, which we find amusing.

Another Fulbright Winner from the Writing Center!


Congratulations to Writing Consultant and Graduate Assistant Michael Benjamin for receiving the Fulbright Scholarship! 

Who are we?

The St. John’s University Writing Center is a place that welcomes all students, faculty, and staff to discuss their writing with a highly-trained staff. We exist to foster a writing culture across the University.

IMG_0089 (1).JPG

Where Are We?

Location: St. Augustine Hall (University Library) Room 150

*Staten Island face-to-face sessions are held in the Student Success Center, Mahoney Hall, 1st floor. Use the link below to make all types of appointments.

(email will get a quicker response than voicemail)

To Make an Appointment: stj.mywconline.com
Please view our online schedule for more information (including instructions for requesting an e-tutoring appointment).

Dr. Derek Owens
Director, Writing Center
(718) 990-5610

Dr. Alison Perry
Associate Director, Writing Center
(718) 990-6918

Prof. Tom Philipose
Associate Director, Writing Center
(718) 990-2659




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  1. Yey for the writing center staff on their great work serving the SJU community of writers!

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