Word of the Day…

writing cen·ter con·sult·ant
ˈrīdiNG/ˈsen(t)ər/ kənˈsəltnt/
  1. Can help you at any stage of the writing process on any type of writing.
  2. Work to create better writers, not just better writing (see: North). 
  3. Can usually be found at any point in the day in the center, regardless of work schedule.
  4. Activities include knitting, watching anime, drinking coffee/tea, laughing at memes, and conversing about feminism, politics, Harry Potter, Bullet Journaling, conferences, identity, French horror films, and what to eat for lunch.
  5. The coolest people you will ever meet… and the worst (See: Mean Girls).
    1. See Also: Grammar police, Book worms, Theory nerds. 

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