Good vibes and early morning light in the space where we sit down to write…




Have you been to the Writing Center at the earlier morning hours? Right at nine when we open or maybe a little earlier, when early morning paints tables with light and catches that lazy floating dust in its rays. It is so still at that time, the air conditioners haven’t kicked in yet so there’s a warm stillness and it’s glorious. Between that and the sun filtering through our window wall, you could sit, content, with a coffee and mentally prepare yourself for a day that definitely won’t be still.

I love this space, the feel of it. It’s like a big family room. With emphasis on the word family. There are lots of feelings I associate with this space—comfort, ease, focus, collaboration, intentionality, and purpose.  A lot of those thoughts correlate with the people who also occupy this space. The Writing Center consultants are this quirky, unique squad of people who are total book nerds, but are also some of the coolest, most genuine and caring people I know.

Then there’s the handful of students who know they can use this space for independent writing and seem to love being here as much as those of us who work here. They are great too. I think it’s fairly safe to deduce that the SJU Writing Center attracts some really wonderful humans and fosters creativity, collaboration, and good conversation. We are all about people here and I like that the space itself supports that vibe along with the people who spend their time here, whether they’re being paid to do so or are not.

So drop by and see if this is a place that you can vibe with, too.


-Carly J.

Writing Consultant

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