The other day I was asked what type of shows I like to watch…

I hesitated. I considered my options. I proudly jutted my chin forward and proclaimed: “I love me some anime.”  Now, I’ve said variations of said sentence many a time in my life and usually get 1 of 3 responses.

  1. They’ve never watched cartoons or anime because they decided to have no joy in their life
  2. They’ve seen the childhood classics like Dragonball Z and Naruto, but nothing past that because they ‘grew up’
  3. OMG ME TOO! Subbed or dubbed?

The most common are the first two, but when one encounters a person of the 3rd variety, a marvelous friendship is sparked from the fumes of otakudom. What inevitably follows is a tête-à-tête on favorite anime, and characters, and voice actors that you love or can’t stand.


So, here’s a short top 5 list of anime in the spirit of that (and many other) conversation(s).

Every single Studio Ghibli Film.



Mushi-shi (you will ponder life and then cry)



Ouran High School Host Club (feel-good)



Sword Art Online (Kirito’s yell)



Attack on Titan (Anime equivalent to Game of Thrones in that no one is safe)



-Ashleigh B.

Writing Consultant


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One Response to The other day I was asked what type of shows I like to watch…

  1. Carly J says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this read. I am of the 3rd group of responders. Studio Ghibli forever ❤ ❤


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