A Pro at Watching TV…

This season of American Crime Story focuses on the O.J. Simpson trial. While this show has my friends and me glued to my couch every Tuesday night, it also inspires us to re-watch The Naked Gun trilogy. Many of the actors from Police Squad reprised their roles for the movies, including comedy legend Leslie Nielsen.

In all three movies, Lt. Frank Drebin (Nielsen) and Detective Nordberg (O.J. Simpson) try to stop some criminal mastermind or foil some sinister plot. Filled with hilarious hijinks and classic zingers, the police squad always manages to somehow save the day and, of course, Drebin gets the girl.

Similar to Airplane, Mafia, and, Hot Shots, The Naked Gun trilogy falls into that category of 1980s/90s spoof, slapstick comedies. Every sentence is a punchline, every shot is a sight gag, and every scene is utterly ridiculous. Simply put, these movies are funny and fun to watch.

Pro Tip: Stick around for the ending credits.


-Stephanie S.

Writing Consultant

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