Every day is a learning experience for consultants… no one is an Island!

I believe that when a lot of people hear about the writing center, they think of a class and feel that it’s going to be an uptight environment with people who “know it all” taking command over their clients’ paper.

I know this because during my first session as a client, I didn’t know what to expect of what I believed could be a teaching about writing.

This is the opposite of what it feels like in the Center, and there are cases in which clients walk out of their first session having to change their mindset.

The center is a relaxing and friendly environment where student consultants are willing to serve as guides in improving each client’s writing skills. We are here not to serve as teachers, but as peers who can relate to what it feels like to be in your position. Don’t think of the writing center as a continuation of class, but as a comfortable place to converse and work along with students who are proficient at writing.



-Seun O.

Writing Consultant

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