Love for the Writing Center…

I started working at the writing center at the same time as I became an RA. Though the environments are very different, the call for constant personal interactions is a big aspect of both jobs. The skills and ability to form these connections, through various mechanisms of communication later came in handy during my service trip in Panama. Speaking very little Spanish, a lot of how I communicated was through techniques learned in the Writing Center.

A constantly busy person, I found that the WC quickly became a place of comfort and peace. The studious yet welcoming atmosphere allowed me to work with other students in ways that I felt were extremely beneficial. Through this daily work, academic atmosphere and support from my directors, I was able to focus my interests, leading to the award of a research grant in composition and rhetoric. The Writing Center has been central to my growth at St. John’s and I’m lucky enough to have two years left to continue working in the space.




–Mikayla Torres

Writing Consultant


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